7. We know assisted suicide already happens. If we don’t regulate it, won’t we end up with a “macabre specialty” of assisted suicides with no safeguards at all?

Regulations often don’t make a difference in assisted suicide practices.

  • A majority of deaths in Oregon are “guided” by people from Compassion & Choices. This organization bases their physician referrals on the doctors’ willingness to prescribe lethal drugs, rather than their relationship with a patient or expertise. See Dr. Kenneth Stevens’ 2015 report, provided by the Physicians for Compassionate Care Educational Foundation.
  • The Final Exit Network has faced criminal charges in situations where “exit guides” held people’s hands down to prevent them from tearing the plastic bag off of their head to stop their “assisted suicides.” [Source: Riverfront Times of St. Louis]
  • Clients of the infamous Dignitas clinic in Switzerland do not have to be residents of that country. People from France [source: the Atlantic], the United Kingdom and Germany [source: the Guardian]  have traveled to Switzerland seeking assisted suicide. In 2012, the Dutch government launched mobile euthanasia units to make house calls [source: Huffington Post].  Whether or not you can get home care to make your life easier, you can certainly get assistance to die.