Articles for August, 2018

Webcast archive: 18/08/24

In this episode of Euthanasia & Disability, Amy Hasbrouck, Christian Debray, and Taylor Hyatt discuss: Webcast mission: accomplished and ongoing Recap of news from the summer Please note that this text is only a script and that our webcast contains additional commentary. WEBCAST MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED AND ONGOING Welcome to a new season of our webcast. One […]

Our submission to Health Canada’s palliative care consultation

From May to July, Health Canada held a public consultation on palliative care in order to establish a federal “framework”. Individuals and groups across the country were invited to share their “ideas, innovations and lived experience” related to palliative care. TVNDY staff submitted a paper describing the impact of palliative care on ill and disabled […]

2017 Annual Report now available

We just released our Annual Activities Report for 2017. Check out what we were up to last year, including: events where our staff have presented, our online outreach, weekly webcasts, articles we’ve written, …and more! Download and read the report in .docx format: EndOfYear2017EN.docx It is also available under the “About” section of our site.