Staff: Taylor Hyatt

A headshot of a young white woman with short red hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt with white flowers. Her purse strap is visible over her shoulders. A blue lanyard is around her neck. The fur trim of her jacket hood is visible; so is one handle of her wheelchair behind her, on the left.
Taylor Hyatt

Taylor Hyatt obtained an Honours B.A. in Linguistics – with minors in Communications & Psychology – from Carleton University. In her final year of school, she worked as an assistant to Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis. Canada’s assisted suicide legislation was being written at that time. Ms. Hyatt was responsible for proofreading Mr. Genuis’ comments and amendments to Bill C-14, as well as finding witnesses to speak before the Physician-Assisted Dying Committee.

​Ms. Hyatt has ​a life-long interest in bioethical issues, especially those​ relating to the end of life and people with disabilities. ​This interest grew out of her personal experience with disability. Ms. Hyatt ​began​ t​o advocate publicly on disability rights issues​ ​when she moved to Ottawa to attend university. There, she ​joined the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Since then, her articles and interviews have appeared on CBC, Global News, and the Ottawa Citizen.

Ms. Hyatt currently serves as the Policy Analyst and Outreach Director of Toujours Vivant-Not Dead Yet (TVNDY). TVNDY is a project of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, expanding the reach of CCD’s Ending-of-Life Ethics Committee.

Ms. Hyatt still lives in Ottawa, but needs to move to a bigger apartment if she wants to fulfill her dream of sharing her home with a cat. She can be reached at