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Year in review: 14/12/12

Online Discussion – 12 December 2014 TOPICS 2014 year in review News Briefs Death of Stella Young Assisted Suicide bill defeated in Wales. Radio Blah Blah 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW January Québec’s national assembly amended bill 52. MNAs changed the term “terminal palliative sedation” to “continuous palliative sedation,” and they added a definition for “medical […]

Activists denounce flawed survey

Download the press release in PDF format. PRESS RELEASE                                                        October 8, 2014   Contact:    Amy Hasbrouck (450-921-3057)   DISABILITY RIGHTS ACTIVISTS RESPOND TO FLAWED SURVEY   Disability rights activists are responding to a flawed survey issued by a group that promotes the medical killing of old, ill and disabled people. “This report should not be […]

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